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      About Us

      Our consultancy services include:

      • Strategic Issues
      • Development
      • Efficiency
      • Staffing
      • Inspections
      • Independent listening
      • Governance
      • Recruitment
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      Our Independent Register of suppliers

      Decisions about choosing suppliers needs more than an internet search engine. We provide a constantly updated and reviewed Register, categorised by specialist area, of all the services you need to run an Independent School. Bursars across the sector assess their performance, rate their suitability and provide comment. Suppliers and Bursars get instant feedback and information. If you are a supplier why not join?


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      Coming Soon

      As our site continues to grow, we will be launching a blog, a forum, a job board, an events board as well as webinars and many support services.

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      How can we help you?

      Are you a Head, Governor, Bursar or Supplier? We will provide access to, and help you select the best assistance for your school or company.

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